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Today one year ago, i lost a dear friend to cystic fibrosis at the age of 21, a disease that remains also with my brother. Im not asking you to donate but just read an article on it or get to know something about it and be aware of how it impacts patients and their friends and family. One day cf will stand for ‘cure found’ (i love and miss you Sonya Rachelle)


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I just dies of cuteness! His diddle tongue ^_^

I just dies of cuteness! His diddle tongue ^_^

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Deep in meaningful (not really) realisation:)

I’ve come to realise there are more important things than having a boyfriend, so much committment when you aren’t ready for it. I think thats why I get so bored easily. Heck, it’s not their fault. Although I will never understand the awkwardness afterwards. I’m the type of person who sarcastically jokes about the breakup to laugh it off, why hold grudges over love? Or lust? Or even friendship for that matter? Why can’t people learn to chill, relax, be a cool cat and get the fuck over it! So what, it didn’t work out, we’ll move on and say the occassional hi, or a smile, or a little wave…I am sarcastic and maybe stubborn but I’ll know when I’ve met the right guy when 1. he can put up with it 2. buys me candy and 3. treats me fucking right like all the others failed to do. And the advantages of being single for now are definetly out-weighing the disadvantages;) You think it gets bad? Life just got even better:) When life hands you lemons…..use them for the Tequila shots:)


I miss Red Hair